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How to Promote Your Blog with These Top 10 Strategies

There are more than 8 million blogs live online and each year just keeps increasing. To date, according to data and Technorati statistics, there are 12,000 new blogs created every day! As Google puts great emphasis on the quality of content, many blog owners are raising their own game and are trying to please the big G.

They do this by producing a high quality content that readers and audiences love, so that blogs can rank well and gain good exposure in the search engines and, in turn gaining new visitors from organic search. Well let's talk more about this later.

You think you have tons of traffic when you have the best content?

This sounds logical, but it is far from the cruel truth. If you have just begun work on his new blog up, published on 10 to 20 pieces of great content, you will be lucky if Google begins to recognize your blog and rank high in the search engine.

But usually that is very rare and do not want to get in this situation which can only rely on luck.
"So how to promote my blog?" You might ask.
If you want your blog to be exposed to many people who do not know your existence, then you really need to know how to market your blog intelligently, effectively.

The best ways to promote your blog and website

With so many blogs out there, what do you use to compete and how to compete with them? There are many creative, useful and interesting ideas on how to promote a blog. In fact, there are more than enough options that can be implemented in their promotion strategies blogs. But they are the product of the land that will generate the most effective results within a shorter time frame?

Here are some of the tactics and secrets that I and my colleagues have tried for years. I've been using frequently and aggressively to promote my blog. Now I'm sure that they take to share with everyone so you can learn and apply for yourself!

# 1. Make correct keyword research

So how to promote your website just by doing good keyword research? Well, of course there is more to it. If you want exposure and visibility in the search engines, then people will be able to find your website or blog right? To get the most organic traffic, you will need to find keywords searches high and low competition.
For example, you want to promote the blog post on the red heels of women. Instead of targeting keywords for "red heels" with so much competition, you may want to go for "red high heels" which has less competition and greater chance that the best places in the search engines.

# 2. Connect and build good relationships with other bloggers

Never a one-man show in the online industry and should never be, especially when you are starting your new blog. It is an integral part of the process of meeting people, connect with them and build a good relationship with them. With good relations, there is also a greater chance of achieving success.

Connecting and building relationships with bloggers or even the big players in your industry is one of the most important factors that could decide whether they succeed or fail in their online businesses. For example, if efforts to read your content and share it often takes, get your attention and you will be satisfied with that.

Do not overlook relations with bloggers in your industry, because once established, eventually will be more likely to share their content with their audience and a serious blow to pack in promoting his blog.

# 3. Share content on social networks

If you have a new place blog and do not have many followers, then share your blog post once on Facebook, Twitter or google Plus cannot produce a great result.

How to promote blog with social networks? There are millions of tweets per day. So in order to reach a large number of his followers, who would like to tweet your blog post and share on Facebook several times a day. You can even use a programming tool to help you share or tweet your messages twice a day or a week, it is entirely up to you.

Remember to encourage your followers retweet as well so you can get maximum exposure. This is one of the ways to promote my blog with great effects.

# 4. In commenting on relevant blogs

Commenting on other blogs may seem like an old to promote your website strategy. Indeed, blog commenting today is just another "easy" way for people leaving backlinks with the main objective to boost your search engine rankings.
However, helpful comments and honest value adding popular blogs can instantly increase your reputation and brand when readers pay attention to you. With so many eye balls in a high-trafficked blog, this is a great channel to market and promote your blog. Besides you are building a relationship with the blog owner.

# 5. Pin on Pinterest Images

You may not realize it, but Pinterest is quick creation of your brand and quickly establish itself as a power in the field of social networks. We are seeing more and more traffic coming from Pinterest, so if your audience is on Pinterest, it's time to start fixing images and attract them to your blog.

Start creating pleasant and attractive images related to your niche. Instead of uploading those images, share them on Pinterest announcement encourage your readers to repin them.

# 6. Participate in Communities Google Plus

There are thousands of communities across Google Plus, but the first step is to find the most important ones are relevant to your niche.
For example, if you are in the high-tech gadget niche, you want to look active communities that are filled with people who are passionate about technology experts.

How to promote your website with Google Plus communities?
Does research in the communities to get an idea of? What kind of solutions people are looking for. Then a piece of great content of that particular item is created and share the message in there.
However, make sure to read the rules and regulations before promoting the blog post. Some communities prohibit aggrandizement.

# 7. Computer graphics used in publications blog

A picture is worth a thousand words. With most online content in words, why not use images to communicate a clearer picture of your audience?
Too many words can drill a reader. However, with some graphics, it is easier for readers to focus on the important points and make it interesting to read it.
How to promote your blog post with computer graphics?
Share the infographic with blog owners related to the niche. If they find it useful, you might just tweet your readers or even write a post about it. When you do that, it is a direct way to help you promote your blog and get your blog noticed by others.

# 8. The use of video in Blog Posts

Not all people have the same preferences. Some people like to read while some people are more visual. They like to see images and videos rather than reading the text.
The content of the blog post can become a video with text transcription. Or you can summarize the important points of the blog in a short video.
This method increases the possibility of having more exposure to your blog when its audience share video channels and other sites.

# 9. Be unique in its expertise

There are many bloggers out there, but if you have taken note of the most popular blogs, bloggers have their own unique selling proposition (USP). They do not try to copy or imitate others, but rather try to become an expert in your field.
When public attention is drawn with its uniqueness, it is recognized as an expert in your field and become an audience of yours. With word of mouth, your brand and blog could spread like wildfire in social networks.

# 10. Upgrade, improve and re-share content Mayor (UIR Method)

Dig through the contents of the last blog that has a good relationship and share and see how you can use to promote your website. Since it is so valuable, why not update with the latest content, improve it and return to share with your readers?
With better and more updated content, this strategy is likely to increase the exchange of existing social actions. This blog post updated also be of great benefit fans who are new to your blog.

I hope the shared tactics have previously shed some light on getting traffic to your blog, the exact ways to promote your blog where and how to promote your blog.

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